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Radioprotection in the veterinary practice

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On Sunday January 31st, I was invited to give a short lecture about radioprotection in the veterinary practice.

Ionizing radiation is not a new or unknown field for me, as I was a member of Greek Airforce’s NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Medical Response Team from 1998 to 2007. Apart from that, the effects of any type of radiation on the reproduction system and on the fetus are also of great importance for me because of my special interest in small animal’s reproduction. One of my latest research project has to do with the potential effects of specific types of electromagnetic radiation in pregnant rats.

So those of you that might find something interesting in my presentation, you can read the attached pdfs! One in Greek and one translated in English!

Have a nice week!

Radioprotection and the role of the vet-Greek

Radioprotection and the role of the vet-Engl


Author: vetrepro

My name is George. I'm a vet specialized in ultrasonography that decided to be an ECAR Diplomate.

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