Stories and thoughts about small animal reproduction and ultrasound

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Roads…part 2

The destination of our journey is “Parturition”. The beginning is “Embryogenesis”. Embryogenesis of both female and male – we know that it takes two to tango!

The road that connects them is comprised by many segments, such as sex determination and differentiation, development of male and female genital systems, puberty, steroidogenesis and hormonal regulation, folliculogenesis, oogenesis and ovulation, spermatogenesis, fertilization, maternal recognition of the conceptus, placentation and pregnancy!

All these so different – but so closely related and sometimes so difficult to distinguish – events are the result of a sequence of several other facts which in their turn are analyzed in a even more complicated network of biochemistry interactions!

And at the end you realize that every little cell, every little protein or molecule is there for a very special reason!

Trying to follow the road to parturition is a real challenge…stay tuned!


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Roads …part 1

Roads in life can be steep or downhill, short or long, straight or full of turns, depending the destination.

You may think that you are in the middle of the road but you truly are on a road to nowhere. And the only think you can do is to go back… on the road again

All these thoughts, all these facts, were jumping in my mind when I was trying to decide if I should begin a ECAR approved residency program and become a specialist of small animal reproduction or not. Not an easy think to do when you are 43,  with a private practice, 2 children and you live in Athens of the big economic crisis…For sure not an easy road to follow…But “it’s not the destination, but the journey”( Cavafy, Ithaca).

And the journey began…

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Let’s go….

I’m just a small animal veterinarian, specialized in ultrasonography, that decided to be a diplomate of ECAR and tries to understand the miracle of Life! I live in Athens of the Crisis but I’m a citizen of a hiding Europe that tries to understand…

These are some of the reasons that could explain my need to commune my everyday experiences of my journey on planet Earth with anyone that might be interested.

Many of you will find my stories and thoughts insignificant or even boring…you are right, but that’s my life!

Hey ho, let’s go…